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Holy Holy Holy….Lord God Almighty!

November 30, 2009

Yesterday when I was at my church, we sang a song with (partial) verses of:  Holy, Holy, Holy.  I got a little side-tracked when I started thinking… much of the word holy do I really understand? Do I know the extent of “holiness” and relate to a Supreme, Divine, Heavenly, Omnipotent  God of the Universe?  Can I really even begin to understand the magnificence of My God?  I can’t wrap my mind around this enough.  God is HOLY.  God is PERFECT.  God is WITHOUT SIN.  God is EVERYWHERE.  God is LOVE.  God is what makes my heart turn into love.

I remember hearing in a Bible study many years ago that when a Biblical author was going to write the name of God (in any form or fashion) he was to bath in order to be found clean.  He then was handled a writing utensil which had never been used before.  He used that utensil ONLY for the scripting of God’s name and then it was put in a sacred place and never used again.  Is that true?  You look into it and get back to me.  I just know we have made God a casual kind of guy.  He is NOTHING like that and I feel shame to even have typed that comment on here.  God is our Creator and our life.

Maybe you and I should reconsider just how powerful and mighty God is.  How DIVINE God is….and consider the extent to which He finds mercy on us for using His holy name in such distain and disrespect sometimes.  Who do we think we are?  And to think my country can remove the name of God from schools, money, buildings etc and be arrogant enough to even believe for a minute that we can continue on this path and not pay some enormous consequences for it?  Wow….we are in for a rude awakening if God can be blotted out just like that.  He has NO time for our errors.  His time is speeding up events here on earth and we’re not going to be found sitting on our behinds when that happens are we? 

We need to begin a huge recovery movement for our country, if not our world.  We NEED GOD in our lives.  And there are NO exceptions….sorry all you non-believers, but get over it.  You are living in a dark world…and it’s time to “see the light” and embrace it…..without fear.

I have witnessed miracles in my lifetime.  God has not turned off the miracle working you know.  We have forgotten how to believe in them and pray for them as if God will answer our prayers.  Have you really tested your faith lately?  I am asking you to do a simple assignment before the sun goes down on your part of the world.  Ask God to show you a miracle.  Then believe with ALL YOUR HEART and SOUL that He heard you and He will show you a miracle….if you believe in His ALMIGHTY powers and love, then believe He will show you a miracle.  He will gladly spend that time and effort in order for you to believe He is the one and only Almighty God. The God of God, Lord of Lord. King of Kings.

I can’t wait to hear what miracle you got to see!  In the meantime, please bring Jesus back to Christmas celebrations.  Wish everyone a Merry CHRISTmas.  He reigns on heaven and earth!